Surveillance Security System

CCTV security systems are constantly evolving. Being well-informed about their developments can only help you to make the right choice as to which is the best for you.

To purchase an appropriate CCTV system that justifies the expense and meets adequate security requirements, it is important to list the needs and expectations that a CCTV system must fulfil….

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Spy Camera & Surveillance Gadgets

Now there is no excuse not to get video in almost any situation! Our hi-tech surveillance systems have the power to transmit high-quality video images direct to your mobile phone or computer, making these a popular covert cam solution to suit a variety of needs.

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Motion Detection Wifi Spy Cameras

Many of the spy cameras we supply come with powerful applications such as motion detection and Wifi functionality. This Technology has become far more commonplace and sophisticated. We have a superb range of hidden surveillance system solutions to suit almost every scenario.

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Papa Security is the leading suppliers of state of the art electronic surveillance, spy gadget and spy equipment in the UK and around the world. Ensuring individuals, businesses, private detectives and government bodies alike are empowered with the latest technology and industry knowledge to combat the threats through active and counter surveillance solutions.

Papa Security specialises in the provision of latest technology and industry knowledge to Individuals, small – medium Companies, Government Institutions and Non-Governmental Institutions in Europe, Africa and other developing Countries to combat the threats through active and counter surveillance solutions

Some of the services and products we provided include: Internet Security solutions, sourcing, supply and installation of Security Equipment and Gadgets such as; CCTV Cameras, Body Scanners, Spy Button Cameras, Spy Pen Cameras and many more.

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CCTV and video surveillance systems have become an accepted security tool to help reduce crime , protect people, public spaces and property.

Our new High Definition (HD) Cameras provide vastly improved CCTV images enabling you to simultaneously manage your intruder alarm, access control & CCTV systems and from a single control terminal.

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Today’s electronic access control systems have to go beyond simply locking and unlocking doors. No matter the size or establish type, keeping important data inside and threats outside of your organisation are critical for your operations.

Our broad range of electronic access control solutions help ensure that only the right people have access to your facilities.

CCTV security gadgets

Security Gadgets

Introducing to you to the world of compact waterproof High Definition spy/surveillance gadgets, most of which have built-in 4GB of memory so you can record lots of high quality video and photos.

Using exceptional technology you can record images in HD, which means that your recordings will not only be subtle, but also in a sharp High Definition.

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